What’s Right, not Who’s Right (For Elected Officials)



A signed, anonymous copy of “What’s Right, not Who’s Right” to be delivered to any elected official in the United States.



At Team Tipton we have a mission to get a copy of What’s Right not Who’s Right into the hands of every elected official in the US! That’s 435,000 elected officials by the way (we had no idea it was THAT many)! In order to do this, Team Tipton needs your help to start the conversation around making the SHIFT from who’s right to what’s right.


We’ll send a signed copy, anonymously, to any elected official you name — just pay shipping and handling, give us the shipping instructions, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll let you know when the book has shipped. (BTW — we’re only set up to do this for addresses in the US at this point. Other countries? Well, let’s take it one at a time.)


Thank you so much!


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