Andrea Costantine




Denver, CO

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  • Mentoring
  • Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Andrea at Work:

Andrea is passionate about bringing people together, creating a unifying vision, and designing strategic action plans. She works to ensure that all voices are heard, and that each person feels valued, seen, appreciated, and understood.  Andrea brings a unique blend of strength and skill, with a focus on people first.


WORK HISTORY: As a consultant, coach, and facilitator Andrea worked with Fortune 1000 companies as well as small independent corporations to build morale, increase efficiencies, and deepen the connections of the team through various team building programs. Additionally, Andrea has worked for over ten years in book publishing, supporting authors in bringing their books to life, touching nearly 200 books in that time.


EDUCATION: Andrea received her Master’s degree in Counseling Studies from Capella University. She graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Psychology at Rollins College.

More About Andrea


PERSONAL: Andrea lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and two sons. She loves traveling, being in nature, whether camping, hiking, or snowboarding. Her favorite thing above all else is a deep, meaningful conversation. She considers herself a lifelong learner, infatuated with books and people’s stories.


VOLUNTEERING: Andrea can be found volunteering her time and energy at many organizations. Some of her volunteer hours in the past were spent as a family mentor with Lutheran Family Services, a caretaker with Live by Living, as an English tutor with Emily Griffith School of Opportunity, and as a mentor for DenverKids. She can also be found at other events–including cooking and serving meals at local shelters and organizations and seizing other opportunities that come her way. She loves volunteering with her kids and showing them all the ways we can give back.


HOPES FOR THE FUTURE: My hope is that our country, communities, and workplaces become more diverse and inclusive. I’d love to see a culture were we celebrate our differences and allow each person to be seen as a valued member of our society.


BELIEFS: “I believe that every single person matters, that each person has a place in this world, and that we all belong here—no matter what.”


A FAVORITE QUOTE: “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.” – Lily Tomlin