Annie Moats




Denver, CO

(c) 719.459.9241



  • Vision casting
  • Strategy building
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Operationalizing stategy

Annie at Work:


Annie Moats is a motivating, engaging, transformational change architect. Annie’s experience helps her to quickly connect, build relationships and work alongside clients while they achieve their desired end results.


WORK HISTORY: Annie has a blended background to include executive level leadership and corporate experience to complement her role as a transformational change architect. Annie’s working in the trenches perspective adds value, empathy and understanding to strengthen her ability to consult with clients and their transformational needs. Annie’s corporate experience includes 6 years of executive level leadership, 5 years of front line management and 5 years as a human resource executive.


CONNECTIONS: Annie graduated with her Masters in Economics from Utah State University, but is a tried and true Coloradoan. She comes from a military family which brought her to Colorado in 1972 and has been here ever since.


More About Annie



PERSONAL: I am most proud of my amazing family; a husband who walks beside me and 2 amazing children, twins, that are 23 and taking on the world. They inspire me everyday to me a better version of myself. My husband and I love the outdoors; we camp, hike, run, and simply take in the beauty of Colorado as much as we can.


VOLUNTEERING: Annie is a board member and volunteer for American Charitable Trust (ACT), focusing on helping Americans in need; primarily the homeless and aging population. ACT works alongside Be Real Ministries and Catholic Charities in Colorado Springs in this effort.


BELIEFS: Life is about relationships and how we treat one another. A little bit of kindness and love go a long way. The simple truth of the concept that “we get what we give” helps me to focus my energy on creating a world where all people feel that they are valued and that they matter. Having an others first mentality helps me to remember that we all have a story that should be heard.


HOPE FOR THE FUTURE: That we are constantly striving as individuals, communities and as a nation to be a better version of ourselves. …we never really arrive at the end, but the journey of consistent change and evolution is an important part of growing, learning and appreciating everything around us.


A favorite quote:   “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”  (Viktor Frankl)