Christina Botzum




Denver, CO

(c) 303.434.3896



  • Cultural assessments
  • Mediation / Conflict resolution
  • Leadership development
  • Team dynamics

Christina at Work:


Christina Botzum is an open minded, insightful, and gentle change architect, who sees the big picture while noticing nuances that can make all the difference in a high intensity work environment. She has a knack for helping folks with disparate positions identify common ground and create collaborative pathways to achieve great results. Bi-lingual (Spanish) and adaptable, her perspective can be especially helpful in multicultural organizations.


INDUSTRY PREFERENCES:  While helping individuals identify their strengths and maximize them to create positive outcomes translates into every professional arena, Christina’s specialty are primarily in the areas of health care, government, and non-profits.


WORK HISTORY:  The constant throughout Christina’s career has been working to help people achieve their greatest potential. From collaborating to establish, manage, and expand small businesses, to leading teams during development and installation of a statewide human services computer system, Christina has always focused on individuals. She has enjoyed supporting clients in locating and accessing the resources they need, whether internal or external, and guiding parties experiencing conflict through a safe resolution process.


CONNECTIONS:  An alumna of the University of Denver, where she earned a B.A. in Law and Society and a Master of Social Work, Christina was a Hornbeck Scholar and a member of Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society. While there, she served on the editorial board of Voices magazine. She holds membership in the Mediation Association of Colorado (the MAC) and the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

More About Christina


PERSONAL:  Christina is most at home in the great out-of-doors, whether on a mountain top, deep below the surface of the ocean, or in her own garden. She and her husband enjoy scuba diving, skiing, and camping, as well as every possible opportunity to spend time with their large family. Pastel painting and listening to live music are also favorite pastimes.


VOLUNTEERING:  Regardless of where she has lived, service has kept Christina close to her neighbors and community. She has enjoyed volunteering at all levels in local school districts, in hospitals and nursing homes, and as a family advocate within community resource centers. She stays abreast of legislative issues and can occasionally be found testifying before legislative committees on behalf of the mentally ill and people involved in the criminal justice system. She has volunteered and worked to expand the reach of restorative justice over the past two decades. She currently serves as a volunteer coordinator for a shelter program that serves families experiencing homelessness.


BELIEFS:  “I believe that all people have something valuable to contribute. Early in my career I provided services to many individuals who lived with life-altering physical disabilities. More recently I have worked with people experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, often as they come in and out of the criminal justice system. I have consistently been impressed with the ingenuity, passion, and fortitude that people are able to find within themselves, regardless of their challenges. Given appropriate resources and opportunities, I believe most people are naturally inclined to create, achieve, and exceed expectations.”


HOPE FOR THE FUTURE:  “I dream of a world where wisdom is regarded as highly as scientific and technological progress, where compassion is more common than criticism, and where every individual is recognized for their unique brand of intelligence and contribution.”


A favorite quote:  “Live simply, that all may simply live.” (Ghandi)