Tipton - Accelerating Extraordinary Outcomes | About
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We Help Teams Accelerate Extraordinary Outcomes

Our Business Philosophies / Core Values

At Tipton our purpose is to forge authentic, sustainable transformational change in organizations that serve humanity and the public good.  We choose our clients in a mutual fashion (they choose us, and we choose them), and our most important criteria are our admiration for their purpose and a shared passion for what they do.


In addition, we believe in our clients’ ability to sustain their outcomes—we purposely drive all activities to create anchors for them (process, culture, leadership) that sustains their ability to be successful FAR beyond our time with them.  We believe our clients are the experts at what they do—and we facilitate the process of unlocking the (too often) latent wisdom and perspectives inside their leaders and within their organizations.


We know you have many choices for your professional services support. Here’s a bit about our business practices we would love for you to consider in making your decision.


Your success is how we measure our success.


1) Drive transformational change:  We only do transformation—by architecting and facilitating the process of moving our client organizations toward the next, best iteration of themselves.


2) Be our best: We nurture and develop our skills and expertise through curiosity, learning, and mastery. We spend considerable time learning, exploring and discovering innovative and powerful tools to drive sustainable change.


3) Nurture wholeness:  We do all things mindfully and compassionately, respecting and celebrating our team’s diversity, and the rich tapestry of personalities, perspectives and viewpoints within our client organizations. This is in our organizational DNA.


4) Lean forward / B Corporation: We actively support fair trade, ethical hiring, environmental sustainability, workplace equity, and other social justice-related practices. We are in the process of becoming a B (Benefit) Corporation (CLICK HERE to learn more about B corporations).


5) Give back: We intentionally share financial and time-based resources with community-enriching organizations.


6) Walk our talk: We are empathetic and sensitive to our clients’ culture and the varied individual perspectives within them. However, we are also compassionately direct when it comes to sharing our observations and suggested actions.

Our History

Team Tipton was formed by Founder and CEO Bob Tipton who has been working as an entrepreneur in professional services since 1986. For over 30 years he has been refining Team Tipton’s innovative approach for guiding businesses through future-forward, results-focused transformational change initiatives. With a game-changing approach toward driving strategic growth and positive culture shifts, the Team Tipton model has been successful in sectors including government agencies, public works, utilities, non-profits, healthcare and education.


Bob is a natural collaborator and over the years has cultivated relationships with other professionals who share his passion for transformation. He began inviting them to join him and the result is a growing team of dedicated professionals with common values, a shared vision and complementary skill sets.