Dan Clemens




Denver, CO

(c) 303.378.0642



  • Communication Strategy and Tactics
  • Cultural Assessment / Team dynamics
  • Transformational Change Communication
  • Operationalizing Strategy / Data Analysis

Dan at Work:


An expert in workplace communication, change and culture, Dan Clemens brings extensive experience leading communication and employee engagement programs to help improve communication and business performance at Fortune 500 companies, governmental organizations and non-profits.


APPROACH TO COMMUNICATION: Dan uses a mix of face-to-face communication, social media and traditional print and electronic channels to build robust 2-way dialogue that can be tracked and measured. Effective communication, he believes, isn’t about sending out “stuff” – rather it’s about building the awareness, processes, skills and capabilities to drive information exchange, build relationships and change behavior. He leads cultural assessments and employee engagement surveys, providing insightful analysis, implications and suggested actions for organizations and leaders. He’s also fluent in process improvement methodology and how to use communication to support Lean/Six Sigma and continuous improvement initiatives across organizations.


CONSULTING HISTORY: An expert facilitator, Dan has introduced and implemented cross-functional, employee teams in High Tech, Manufacturing, Service and Health Care industries as well as governmental organizations. Through Dan’s guidance, teams of employees in operations, finance, manufacturing, human resources, administration and communications achieved significant improvements in productivity, quality, financial and operational performance.


AUTHOR: Dan is the author of A Perfect Season: A Coach’s Journey to Learning, Competing, and having Fun in Youth Baseball and speaks around the nation on youth sports issues. A self-described “baseball junkie,” he’s a high school coach who believes that having fun unlocks enormous potential on the field and in the workplace.


More About Dan


PERSONAL:  “I have a remarkable family that keeps me hopping. Bev, my wife of 27 years, is a leader in education with tremendous expertise in curriculum, instruction and assessment. My son Alan and daughter Rachel are both studying to be engineers and have passions for math, physics and the sciences. As a family we’ve enjoyed travel, outdoor activities and animals. Our extended family members include Jackson (dog), Ginge and Inge (cats), Sophia and Pudge (horses) and Tessa (donkey).


“I attended Colorado State University on a baseball scholarship and enjoyed earning a degree in Speech Communication. I also have a Master of Humanities degree from the University of Colorado at Denver.


PASSIONS: “Baseball has been my passion since the age of 5. I learned the game from my father who was my coach until I entered high school. Three shoulder surgeries prematurely ended my pitching career in college, but I still love the game deeply. I coached my son Alan from tee-ball through high school. In his senior year he pitched a game at Coors Field in Denver and, as a coach and father, I beamed with pride from the dugout. I still play in an adult league and compete in the adult World Series. I also enjoy the Colorado outdoors and have climbed 50 of the state’s 54 peaks that rise above 14,000 feet.


BELIEFS: “As a society we do far too much talking and not enough listening. We tend to value and reward the loudest and miss the wisdom hidden in silence, observation and introspection. While I too am guilty of this at times, I prefer the quiet path.


PERSONAL MANTRA: “Baseball has taught, and continues, to teach me many valuable life lessons, including my personal mantra: Give Me the Ball. This wisdom extends beyond the pitching mound, but also to being a father, husband, friend, coach and colleague. This is the pitcher’s version of Carpe Diem. Give Me the Ball … I’ll stride to the mound, take responsibility, give my best, embrace risk and vulnerability, and give my team a chance to win. That’s a recipe for success on and off the diamond.”


“When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.’” – Lao Tzu