Interviews, Podcasts, Guest Blogs, etc.

We’ve had the joy and honor to be asked to be guests on a variety of podcasts, video interviews, etc. over the years. Here are some examples (please subscribe!):

Titans of Transition

Living a values-driven life: July 2020

Offering encouragement for anyone looking to discover their purpose or calling through powerful interviews with notable leaders who share relevant stories, anecdotes and insights. Solo episodes provide timely tactics, tools and mindset shifts to enable the life and career shift that are meant for you.

Economic Club of Minnesota

Navigating “Instant Life Dislocations”: April 2020

The Economic Club of Minnesota (ECOM) provides a high-profile, non-partisan platform for national and international leaders in business, government and public policy to present their ideas on how Minnesota can better compete in the global economy and how America can most effectively provide world leadership on economic and strategic issues.

Soul Path Parenting

Why Changes Feels So Hard and What to Do About It: April 2020

As the entire planet adjusts to stay-at-home and prepares for what our “new normal” might look like, we’re all dealing with change.  It’s sort of a cliche that “change is hard,” but there’s more to it than just the fear of loss or fear of the unknown…

Soul Path Parenting

What’s Right, not Who’s Right – a simple shift to regain our humanity and heal our relationships at home and at work: December 2019

In this episode, Bob Tipton, author of What’s Right, Not Who’s Right, a simple shift to regain our humanity and heal our relationships – at home and at work, shares what he’s learned from his career as a transformational change architect working with government and large organizations and, perhaps more importantly, from nearly 40 years of parenting and grandparenting.  Given the world we’re bringing our kids up in today, understanding how we can shift from defending positions to finding common interests has never been more important.

In Search of a Good Conversation

October 2019

Bob Tipton explains why it’s so hard to have a good conversation and communicate with some people, and lays out how it’s done.