Be Resilient and Adaptable

Symptoms of Disruptive Change:

You have a new leader, a major initiative or organizational change that is disrupting productivity, quality or engagement.

Employees who are engaged and have high well-being are 45% more likely to report adaptability in the presence of change.

(Source:  Gallup)


Change can unlock potential, bring new efficiency, be a response to customer demand, usher a new a leadership approach, or position an organization to seize opportunity. When individuals and teams OWN the change, they engage. They accelerate. They execute. They leap obstacles. They win.


Most change is done TO us rather than THROUGH us. A decision gets made and the rest of us must change. While leaders are ready to move on, we may feel helpless, we may not understand why the change is necessary and we may resist the change.


Our approach to change. We believe people don’t resist change so much as they resist BEING changed without their permission. We help leaders engage their teams in the change, creating ownership, not “buy in” (Read our blog — BUY-IN SUCKS, HERE’S WHY). While it may be the leader’s decision TO change, HOW it is most effectively implemented within the organization is often best understood by individuals – we tap their insights and expertise, aligning the organization around the new direction. We also counsel leaders on how to communicate transparently, frankly and frequently through the change.


WaterOne (Lenexa, KS), Distribution Division


High Respect, High Performance.

WaterOne serves the drinking water needs for the western and southwestern suburbs of Kansas City. The fast growing area put significant pressure on WaterOne’s ability to continue to develop its capacity as well as maintaining and operating its existing infrastructure.  Add to the mix an aging workforce and a very competitive entry-level job market, and WaterOne found itself needing to design a future that ensured both high-respect and high-performance cultural markers.  We lead the effort for WaterOne to discern and deploy visionary, compelling strategies to ensure its long-term future.


Learn more about WaterOne’s distribution division “high-respect, high-performance” project: