Realize Your Team’s Potential

Symptoms of Untapped Potential:

Your team isn’t performing well, isn’t getting along, isn’t reaching its full potential, or its engagement scores are low.

Highly-engaged employees are: 1) 2.5X more likely to stay at work late if something needs to be done after the normal workday ends; 2) more than 2X as likely to help someone at work even if they don’t ask for help; and 3) more than 3X as likely to do something good for the organization that is not expected of them.

Source:  Temkin Group


Engaged employees and high-performing teams are the lifeblood of successful projects and organizations. They anticipate problems. They create solutions. They innovate. They delight customers. They get results. Teamwork and Engagement don’t just happen – leadership creates this culture by aligning people and resources to goals and outcomes. Crisp communication, clear direction, shared accountability and ownership empower individuals and teams to perform at levels they didn’t believe were possible.


Our approach to teamwork: No ropes courses, trust falls, or tissues to wipe the tears. We build and strengthen teams by focusing on the structure and actions that will enhance your relationships, eliminate barriers, improve processes and better align your efforts with organizational goals and strategy. In short, you become a team by rolling up your sleeves and doing the heavy-lifting.


City and County of Denver, Fleet Operations, Public Works, Police and Fire


$16 Million in savings. A great example is a group of three divisions within a large city government organization. Turf battles and siloed thinking were the norm until the City asked them to develop a plan to cut $5 million or lose 15 jobs. By helping the departments focus on common goals and needs they became more collaborative and helped solve each other’s issues. They developed common purchasing and maintenance procedures, ultimately saving the City $16 million and all of the jobs.


Learn more about the City and County of Denver’s Fleet Analysis and Optimization Project (FAOP):