Sunflower Preschool

Organizational Development and Executive Coaching
Sunflower Preschool actively cultivates and celebrates children’s connection with nature.

Sunflower Preschool’s Challenge

Colorado-based Sunflower preschool is in the midst of an exciting legacy leadership transition, from mother to daughter. Sunflower sought support from Team Tipton to help them anticipate the kinds of challenges inherent in leadership changes so that they can move through the process as thoughtfully and efficiently as possible.

Our Solution

We are leading Sunflower’s team through a series of professional development workshops designed to help them make the leadership transition while maintaining their close-knit culture and further strengthening team dynamics. We are also providing one-on-one executive coaching to Sunflower’s new owner.

Outcome / Benefits

Our work with Sunflower is ongoing. To date, Sunflower’s owner describes involvement with Team Tipton as “invaluable.” She states, “As a new business owner, Erin’s perspective and coaching has been invaluable as I come into my role as a supervisor and employer in a dynamic position and field. I’m greatly appreciative of Team Tipton’s approach to coaching and workshops which are beneficial and important for our team during this transition.”