1-day VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Foundations of Change



Let’s face it, most of us just aren’t very good at change. We see it as a scary, frustrating, arduous process that is painful to manage. Is that true? Or is that just our confirmation bias speaking? This workshop will help you master the secrets of getting GOOD at change. You will learn to:


    • Identify and engage your stakeholders
    • Develop an environment of mutual trust and transparency
    • Create an authentic and aligned vision for the future
    • Design a comprehensive change communications plan
    • Identify priorities to chart your strategic path to success
    • Build meaningful, actionable, resourced recommendations
    • Measure and sustain the change


Date: TBD

Virtual Access: Sent 48 hours before the workshop begins.

Price: $395 / 1-day workshop


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Module #1: Engage

Identify and Engage Your Stakeholders


    • Understand why “one-size-fits-all” thinking is flawed (The Fallacy of Average)
    • Gain tools to complete a comprehensive stakeholder analysis
    • Identify specific ways to address the needs of each stakeholder group



Module #2: Set the Stage

Develop an Environment of Mutual Trust and Transparency


    • Understand the role trust and transparency play in creating the foundation for change to occur (as well as challenges that arise when these are absent)
    • Learn practices that can be used to develop a culture of mutual trust and transparency
    • Engage in an activity that can be used with your team to enhance trust and transparency



Module #3: Shared Purpose

Create an Authentic and Aligned Vision for the Future


    • Understand how an authentic and shared purpose dramatically improves organizational performance, employee engagement, quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction
    • Develop leadership fluency in building and evolving your organization’s purpose, mission, vision, and values
    • Learn the process of “living” an organization’s purpose – it’s FAR more than printing T-shirts and updating employee performance management plans



Module #4: Communicate

Design a Comprehensive Change Communications Plan


    • Understand the roles of “Big C” and “little c” communication during change
    • Learn to build and implement a comprehensive change communication plan



Module #5: Prioritize

Identify Priorities to Chart Your Strategic Path Through Change


    • Access user-friendly tools to authentically include various stakeholders in the design and prioritization of your organization’s strategic path through change
    • Learn to conduct targeted gap analysis
    • Identify approaches for prioritizing and resourcing activities



Module #6: Operationalize

Build Meaningful, Actionable, Resourced Recommendations


    • Identify the right people for your “recommendation” teams
    • Understand the key elements necessary to facilitate a stakeholder-led recommendation process
    • Learn to attach organizational resources to your change initiative so that it has the energy and opportunity to be successful



Module #7: Make It Real

Measure and Sustain the Change


    • Understand how to create an implementation plan that is measurable and sustainable
    • Identify how to navigate typical challenges and pitfalls in implementation
    • Learn to schedule and conduct feedback sessions designed to ensure the change actually works



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