Healthier teams are better performing teams

Your Team Health and Performance Rating is: “Resilient and Adaptable” and that’s extremely rare!

Resilient and Adaptable Team Characteristics:

    • Teams are largely self-managing
    • Processes are living, breathing things
    • Preferred results are regularly exceeded
    • Rigorous project management is expected
    • Continuous improvement is in the DNA
    • Relentless pursuit of better quality
    • Extremely satisfied team members
    • Trust and respect are deep and pervasive

What does this mean:

Resilient and Adaptable teams represent the pinnacle of healthy and high-performing teams. Members of these kinds of teams feel deep satisfaction, both personally and professionally, as they work together to deliver best-in-class results. Core competencies displayed by members of these teams include facilitation, leading through transformation, strategy development, communication, and program/project management.


We’d love to learn from you:

It’s rare to come into contact with a resilient and adaptable team — and there’s always a “story” behind the team’s success. Usually coming from hard-fought lessons, the team has gelled around common values, foundational principles, and shared vision. We are eager to continue to learn how teams reach this level of health and performance — and the story behind you team’s success needs to be shared.

We’d LOVE to Learn How You Do What You Do…

Please schedule a brief diagnostic review with Team Tipton:

We’re interested in exploring your philosophies, etc.!


    • Your hard-fought lessons and wisdom
    • Insights related to how other teams might reach the level you have
    • How your organization views your team and its success

During this 20-minute diagnostic review, Team Tipton will walk through our insights based on your Team Health and Performance Diagnostic results.


Most importantly, we’d love to explore your team-based approaches and philosophies — as it’s clear we can learn from your experience. Please schedule a session with us — and we’ll bring our notepads to write down everything you say.

Healthy companies, we know, dramatically outperform their peers. The proof is strong—the top quartile of publicly traded companies in McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) delivers roughly three times the returns to shareholders as those in the bottom quartile. (McKinsey and Co.)